Carson Wentz Is Helping The Family Of ‘The Dutch Destroyer’ Go To The Super Bowl

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The Eagles being in the Super Bowl means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. No story is as powerful, however, as the story of Wilmington, Delaware’s Kusters family.

Playing peewee football in Delaware, Lukas Kusters earned the nickname “The Dutch Destroyer” for his “brick house” ferocity. Lukas was a hardcore Eagles fan, dreaming of growing up to play for the team. He was eight when he was diagnosed with stomach cancer, but it didn’t stop him living by the mantra “wake up, kick ass, repeat.”

While fighting for his life during a year of chemotherapy, his family decorated his hospital room in green and white, complete with Carson Wentz jerseys on the walls. A radiation technician working with Lukas reached out to the Eagles to tell his story, eventually putting the team in touch with the family. Wentz recorded a video message to cheer him up. Shortly afterwards, Wentz paid him a visit, with Lukas giving the young quarterback a bracelet that said “Dutch Destroyer.” The bracelet became an essential for Wentz, explaining to ESPN that it reminded him that he’s playing football “for a bigger-picture purpose.”

Lukas lost his battle with cancer on June 12, four days after his 10th birthday. 13 days before passing, he spent a Make-A-Wish day with Carson Wentz. He was buried in a Wentz No. 11 jersey.

That news hit Wentz like a ton of bricks. via ESPN:

“When his family told me that at training camp,” Wentz said after composing himself, “I was — just got done with a hot, long, sweaty practice, and I was trying not to tear up hearing that from his family. To think that — that he’s buried wearing my jersey …

“It’s so much deeper than football is what it comes down to. It’s so much more than just a game. Impactful. Meaningful. Powerful. And just another reminder for me that it is more than a game; that it is an opportunity to do good, whatever that is, whatever that looks like, and to just be authentic and genuine with people.”

Back in October, ESPN aired a special segment with Tom Rinaldi on SportsCenter about The Dutch Destroyer. It captured the hearts of Eagles fans worldwide, with fans rabidly scooping up Dutch Destroyer Live Like Lukas bracelets to show support.

With the Birds in the Super Bowl, Carson Wentz pulled the Bro move of the century and hooked the family up with tickets to see the Eagles play the Patriots in Minneapolis. The family paid a visit to the cemetery before an 18-hour drive to Minnesota.

Wake up, kick ass, repeat.

Bigger than football.

Birds by a million.

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