Former NBA Star Deron Williams Plans To Retire From Boxing After Fight With Frank Gore

Deron Williams

Former NBA All-Star Deron Williams doesn’t see himself having a long career in boxing.

Williams will be facing off against former NFL running back Frank Gore on the Jake Paul-Tyron Woodley 2 undercard this Saturday.

Despite the fact that many retired athletes are pursuing careers in boxing, Williams says it’s just something that he wants to check off his bucket list and doesn’t plan on making it a permanent career.

“It’s just a box I wanted to check you know so on December 18th I will probably consider myself a retired boxer”

Williams insisted that even if things went well for him in the boxing ring on December 18th, he doesn’t want to pursue another career that will force him to spend time away from his family.

“I’m 37… I retired so I can spend more time with my kids not take up a second career that’s going to take away from my kids.”