Former NFL RB Larry Johnson Believes LeBron James Committed A Satanic ‘Blood Sacrifice’ With Kobe Bryant To Win NBA Championship

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Former Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson has had a wild post-NFL career on social media.

For the past few years, Johnson has gone on several unhinged Illuminati rants directed at LeBron James, posted a bizarre conspiracy theory claiming the NFL and NBA has an “effeminate agenda” that’s being pushed by the Illuminati, and shared the belief that Kobe Bryant was a member of a satanic cult.

After the Lakers won the NBA championship on Sunday, Johnson shared his latest conspiracy theory stating LeBron James committed a “blood sacrifice” with Kobe Bryant to get himself another ring.

Johnson also later try to tie in Barack Obama into the conspiracy theory when the former President congratulated LeBron for winning the championship.

When fans pushed back at his theory Johnson told them to unfollow him on Twitter.

It’s clear that Johnson is off his rocker and needs to get help.