Former Chiefs RB Larry Johnson Says LeBron Worships Lucifer, Calls Super Bowl Halftime Show A ‘Child Sex Trafficking Ritual’

Larry Johnson Calls Super Bowl Halftime Show A Sex Trafficking Ritual

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Former Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson has a rather, umm, eventful post-NFL career on social media.

Since August of 2019 alone, Johnson has gone on a unhinged Illuminati/occult rant with regard to America’s many mass shootings, tweeted out a bizarre conspiracy theory claiming the NFL and NBA has an “effeminate agenda” that’s being pushed by the Illuminati, and “revealed” the celebrities he’s slept with after a bizarre Twitter feud with a female rapper.

Like I said… eventful.

This past week, LJ has been especially active, what with the coronavirus (not the Corona virus) in the news, Kobe Bryant’s passing and Super Bowl LIV taking place.

Honestly, it’s hard to know where to even begin, so I guess we’ll just work our way through Johnson’s week on Twitter.

On Sunday, LJ tweeted, with regard to the death of Kobe Bryant, “Right after Lebron passes him 3rd on all time scoring list, last night? ….this between secret societies, I’m going to stay out of this one.”

Tuesday, Johnson tweeted that the coronavirus and recent earthquakes are prophecies from the Bible being fulfilled.

On Wednesday, he tweeted a conspiracy tying Kobe’s death to the number 666.

After a bit more rambling about assorted nonsense, following the Lakers’ emotional return to the court on Friday night, Johnson accused LeBron James of worshipping Lucifer.

He followed that up with some tweets about Kyrie Irving (who is definitely on Johnson’s radar), then on Sunday took aim at Super Bowl LIV with references to Baphomet and the anti-Christ.

Monday morning, Johnson continued his Super Bowl LIV harangue, saying, among other things, that the Super Bowl halftime show was a “child sex trafficking ritual.”

“People sat through a Super Bowl Halftime child sex trafficking ritual, in a county that’s top 3 in sex trafficking in the same state Epstein was given leniency….,” he tweeted about the halftime show. “…fall for this preplanned anthem dispute by 2 puppets rocking in a trance.”

“…children of a sorceress…Who are you mocking?…at whom do you sneer and stick out your tongue?” Johnson continued, referring to Shakira’s viral tongue moment (which has since been explained). “You burn with lust…; you sacrifice your children in the ravines…” – Isaiah 57:3. All Satanists are familiar with the : ‘All Mocking Tongue.’”

As of 19 minutes ago, he was still at it…

“I could waste 280 characters on the cultish significance of the X and rope… …but….”

LJ and AB should have their own reality show.

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