Former WNBA Number 1 Pick Released After Just 2 Seasons

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The WNBA may have a new interest in the race for the biggest draft bust in sports history.

Fans have seen plenty of bad ones over the years.

There’s the famous Ryan Leaf pick. Jamarcus Russell was a disaster for the Raiders. Zach Wilson is well on his way to all-time bust status for the Jets.

In the NBA there are players like Kwame Brown, who was once described by Stephen A Smith as a “bonafide scrub” despite being the 1st overall pick in 2001. Anthony Bennett only last 4 years in the NBA after being drafted 1st overall by the Cavs.

Still, it’s possible that none of those picks is as bad as one made by the Dallas Wings.

Today, the Dallas Wings announced that they waived Charli Collier, who they spent the first overall pick on just two years ago.

Collier made the WNBA’s All-Rookie Team 2 seasons ago, but hasn’t been particularly productive so far in her career.

That All-Rookie campaign saw her average just 3.4 points and 3.6 rebounds per game. In her second season, those averages dropped to just 2 points and 0.6 rebounds per game as she saw just 4.6 minutes per game of playing time.

This pick has to be seen as a pretty big bust for the Wings. Even in a draft class that has turned out to be very weak, having to cut the number pick after just 2 seasons is pretty brutal.

Collier was cut despite the fact that her release now leaves the Wings with just one center on their roster.

Charli Collier has now become the 5th player selected in the first round of this class that has been cut by the team they started their career with.

Luckily for the Wings, they have actually improved since drafting Collier despite her lack of impact. After selecting first in 2021, the Wings have made the playoffs in the last 2 seasons.

Now they’ll hope they can once again make a playoff push without her.

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