Four Dudes Snuck Into The Super Bowl With A Ladder They Found On The Side Of The Road And Documented Their Mission

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Yesterday, Super Bowl tickets on the secondary market were going for an average price of $4,744, according to TicketCity. The largest sale for one ticket went for $74,928, more than the average salary for an American with an advanced college degree.

Welp, four young dudes snuck into NRG Stadium posing as stadium workers using a ladder they found on the side of the road. FO’ FREE. Pretty impressive considering FBI spokeswoman Christina Garza told Newsday that security planning for this Super Bowl began three years ago, taking a more subtle approach from last year’s Super Bowl in San Francisco where there were police on every corner in combat fatigues and carrying assault rifles. Security was ubiquitous, but many security officials were in plain clothes.

Not too shabby for a group of dudes who didn’t know what year it is (“Super Bowl ’15, ’16?”). Really, bro?

It’s unclear what seats these dudes were able to weasel into but there were four vacant seats when “superfan” Mark Wahlberg and his family ditched in the third quarter.

[h/t TMZ]

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