Fox Sports Host Gets Crushed By The Internet After Delivering Absolutely Terrible Take On Baker Mayfield

Last night, Baker Mayfield became a Cleveland sports legend when he came in and led the Browns to an epic second half comeback which ended up being the team’s first win in nearly two years.

Today, every sports talking head had some sort of take on Mayfield’s performance but none of them were hotter than Fox Sports’ Jason McIntyre who bashed Mayfield for checking his phone after the game.

“My one takeaway from Baker Mayfield, did you see after the game he comes out of the locker room to get on the NFL networkd set and he had his phone IN his hand. When you look at NFL quarterbacks after the game they don’t have their phone”

Baker Mayfield’s first thought was man, I got that win I gotta get on social media and see what people are saying about me.

Of course McIntyre got absolutely destroyed for his ridiculous take on Mayfield.