Fozzy Whittaker Singing ‘Merry Christmas’ To Reporters In A Reindeer Outfit Means Christmas Is NOT Over Yet

Fozzy Whittaker


Lions running back Fozzy Whittaker has always been a personal favorite of mine despite contributing virtually nothing on the field, simply because his name is FOZZY WHITTAKER. Thirty-eight carries for 300 yards in three NFL seasons isn’t exactly going to get your face on a billboard, but singing “Merry Christmas to all of yooooooooou” to reporters while wearing a reindeer suit will get your name in a headline.

This beautiful ballad basically puts any of the singing scenes from Remember The Titans directly on their ass. Partly because of the reindeer suit, but mostly because Fozzy is a grown adult and somehow looks even happier than the spirited high school football players in the movie.

The only disadvantage for Fozzy is that his heartfelt message was only 20 seconds long.

And thanks to Fozzy, Christmas ain’t over until he says it’s over.

[H/T @DNewtonESPN]