Frank Kaminsky Lost His Freaking Mind After Wisconsin’s Buzzer-Beater, Making For Some Great Performance Art

The No. 7 seeded Wisconsin Badgers took the life out of Xavier in the form of a buzzer-beating, soul-sucking three-pointer that will more than likely live in the minds of Musketeer fans until the end of time.

It was Bronson Koenig’s clutch 3-pointers — yes, plural — in the final minute that did the damage and sent the Badgers to the Sweet 16. And holy crap, it was pretty sweet.

Even better was the reaction of former Wisconsin star, Frank Kaminsky, who lost his mind in a beautiful way.

We need more of this. A lot more of this. Professional athletes enjoying sports in such a passionate, maniacal way and then deciding to share it with the world is a pretty awesome thing.

And along with Frank the Tank, basically anyone associated with the state of Wisconsin lost their collective shit.

Aaron Rodgers channeling his inner Ric Flair is precisely why March Madness is so enjoyable.