Freddie Kitchens Says He Truly Doesn’t Look At Stats, Backs Baker Mayfield And Continues To Be A Laughing Stock

freddie kitchens baker mayfield stats

Getty Image / Nick Cammett

It’s remarkable that the Browns can continue to do Browns type things each and every day, but here we are.

In the latest edition of ‘What The Hell Is Going On In Cleveland,’ Freddie Kitchens opens his mouth when he probably shouldn’t have and said a pretty, well, dumb thing about Baker Mayfield and statistics.

Let’s paint the picture because it’s never not fun to reflect on just how bad things have gone for the Browns so far this season. The team is 2-6 fresh off of a loss to a bad Broncos team and Baker Mayfield has taken astronomically large steps backward in this, his second NFL season.

Just how bad are things going for Mayfield you ask? Well, it turns out his QB rating in his second season is worse than Johnny Manziel’s QB rating during his second season in which the Browns went 3-13 with Manziel turning the ball over 11 times in his nine games played.

All of those statistical facts are just noise though, at least that’s what Kitchens appears to believe.

Here are some stats for you, Mr. Kitchens. Your quarterback is completing 58.7% of his passes, has thrown just seven touchdowns and has 12 interceptions in just eight games played.

Maybe Kitchens is just taking the approach of ‘if I don’t see the stats, then they must not exist or matter.’

It’s just an absolutely wild thing to say if you’re the head coach of a 2-6 football team that arguably had more hype around it than the New England Patriots heading into the season while you’re also on a very serious hot seat at the moment.

I don’t have a dog in this fight at all as I’m not a Browns fan, but some of the stuff that happens within this organization is more entertaining than their product on the field and it’s so difficult to turn away.

Tune in in no more than 24 hours from now for the latest development in this drama.