‘A Season With Florida State Football’ To Premiere On Showtime And The Trailer Just Brought Me From 6 To Midnight

Last year Showtime premiered A Season With by following The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame behind the scenes throughout the entire season. Well, SHO just debuted the trailer for Season 2 and this year they’ll be following the Seminoles of Florida State University, which coincidentally is my alma mater. Season 1 featured 11 episodes, and I think it’s reasonable to expect we’ll see a similar schedule length this season in Tallahassee.

Safid Deen of Tallahassee.com reports:

The Florida State football team will be the focus of Showtime’s ‘A Season With’ series for the 2016 season, the network announced on Tuesday.
For a team with aspirations of winning a national championship this season, the series gives Florida State a prime opportunity to showcase its program to a national audience.
‘A Season With Florida State Football’ will debut on Sept. 6, a day after FSU’s season opener against Ole Miss in Orlando at 10 p.m., and air every Tuesday.
“We are very excited to partner with Showtime this season and eager to give college football fans a unique look into our program,” FSU coach Jimbo Fisher said in a statement. “At Florida State, we have a tremendous family atmosphere, and we are looking forward to showcasing what makes FSU football special.”

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So now I have to eat some humble pie real quick, because what’s funny about this to me is earlier today some University of Michigan Wolverines fan hit me up all butthurt about me calling Jim Harbaugh more of a celebrity than a coach. I stand by my remarks from earlier and I believe that Harbaugh’s become the biggest tryhard in coaching. So naturally on the day that I call a coach out for being more concerned with WWE appearances than coaching my beloved Seminoles announce that they’ll be featured in a season-long behind-the-scenes TV series with Showtime.

The difference between what Harbaugh’s attempting to do up in Michigan and what Jimbo Fisher’s doing in Tallahassee is that Jimbo’s already brought the Seminoles back to national prominence. And he planted his spear in the hearts of college football fans everywhere when the ‘Noles won the last ever BCS National Championship in 2014, which was in many ways poetic because FSU appeared in the first ever BCS National Championship game only to lose to the Tennessee Vols and then come back the following year and win it all in 1999. Harbaugh wants everyone to take him and the Wolverines seriously again, and I get that want because that’s what he was hired for, but he needs to chill out and stop appearing in rap videos and win some titles before acting like the nation’s hottest coach.

And by the way, if you’re an FSU fan and want to tweet along with me all season you can find me on Twitter HERE (or if you’re an angry Michigan fan who needs to vent).

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(h/t Tallahassee.com)