Jim Harbaugh Just Became The Biggest Try Hard In The History Of Coaching, Appears In Wolverines Rap Video

At this point Jim Harbaugh would run a naked lap around the White House if it meant 1) more people would start talking about him and Michigan Football, and 2) the Secret Service wouldn’t shoot him. Harbaugh’s 10-3 record last year was a HUGELY positive leap from Michigan’s previous years of 5-7, 7-6, and 8-5. He very well might’ve righted the ship in a very short period of time, but his thirst for national chatter has gotten out of control.

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His recent recruiting tactics include singing the National Anthem at a Lil Dicky concert, and making an appearance on WWE Raw. Until recently he’s been really trying hard to raise his program’s national profile once again, but with this latest stunt he went from trying hard to the saddest try hard in all of college sports. No self-respecting coach is going to appear in the rap video of a D-list rapper, and it seems like a laughable use of team resources to open up their practice facilities so that a crap video can be filmed.

For the record, I’m not hating on Michigan rapper Bailey here, the song was catchy/good, and even though he’s got less than 3,000 subscribers on YouTube I’m sure he’s got plenty of talent and will go on to be very successful. I just think that Jim Harbaugh outed himself as the biggest try hard in college sports, a man who needs people to pay attention to him so that he can feel validated, and that’s not the hallmark of a winner.

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