FSU Is Now Investigating Jameis Winston’s Autographs

ESPN is reporting that FSU is looking into how so many autographs from Jameis Winston wound up authenticated from the same dealer who just took down Todd Gurley. As an FSU fan, this isn’t shocking by now, but it is most definitely exhausting. When will it end? From ESPN:

Even as Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher says he believes quarterback Jameis Winston didn’t sign autographs for money, a source tells ESPN that the university’s athletic compliance department has begun to look into how so many Winston autographs were authenticated by a single company.

ESPN has learned that after the team’s 38-20 win against Syracuse Saturday, Fisher approached Winston and asked him if he signed autographs for money. Winston told Fisher, according to the source, that he did not. Fisher then told reporters he wasn’t concerned that an autograph authentication business, which recently was linked to suspended Georgia running back Todd Gurley, also was linked to Winston.

A cursory search on JSA’s website found more than 340 certified Winston autographs. FSU has not been contacted on the matter by the ACC or the NCAA, but the university’s compliance department has begun to specifically look into how JSA received such a large number of signatures.

Another day in the Jameis Winston saga.