These Are The Best Super Bowl Commercials Of 2018

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2018 best Super Bowl commercials

Michelob ULTRA

It’s that time of the year when I get to share with you the best Super Bowl commercials. These are the funniest Super Bowl commercials of 2018, the best that you can find. We’re still several days away from the underdog Philadelphia Eagles taking on the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 52 (Super Bowl LII), but we’re already seeing a flood of 2018’s Best Super Bowl commercials hitting the web.

I prefer to watch all of the best Super Bowl commercials before Super Bowl Sunday. This way I can focus on watching the game as well as eating and drinking until my body explodes. Trying to focus on the Super Bowl commercials during the actual football game is too much. We all need to be able to take breaks when the event lasts for hours on end.

This will be a nearly complete list of the Best 2018 Super Bowl but there will be a handful of commercials which won’t debut until the actual game. I will be regularly updating this list with the best Super Bowl commercials as more hit the web throughout the week. So be sure to check this list all week long as I add more and more of the funniest Super Bowl LII commercials. You can also find a complete list of the Best 2017 Super Bowl Commercials by following that link if you want a refresher on what the funniest Super Bowl commercials were last year. If I missed any of the best 2018 Super Bowl commercials you can hit me up on Twitter at @casspa and let me know!

The Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2018


‘The Perfect Fit’ featuring Chris Pratt from Michelob Ultra

Chris Pratt’s Michelob Ultra 2018 Super Bowl commercial focuses on what it means to live a fit life and why Chris Pratt is the perfect spokesman for Michelob Ultra.

Peyton Manning Is The ‘Vacation Quarterback’ In Universal Studios’ Super Bowl 52 Spot

What would a Super Bowl be without Peyton Manning appearing on our TVs at least once? This year he’ll be starring in the Universal Studios Super Bowl LII spot as the ‘Vacation Quarterback’.

Febreze’s ‘The Only Man Whose Bleep Don’t Stink’ Super Bowl 52 Ad

Febreze is crushing it with ‘The Only Man Whose Bleep Don’t Stink’ Super Bowl spot. This one’s definitely going to have a ton of people talking by the water cooler on Monday.

Budweiser’s 2018 ‘Stand By You’ Super Bowl Commercial

Budweiser’s 2018 Super Bowl commercial will focus on the company’s commitment to bringing clean drinking water to communities across America. They’ve served up over 79 million cans of water since 1988.

Marvel Studios’ Black Panther And Lexus LS 500 F SPORT Commercial

Black Panther will be one of if not THE biggest box office films of 2018 and promos for this movie are certain to be all over the 2018 Super Bowl coverage. This is the full-length version of ‘Long Live The King’ and it’s all hype.

Pringles’ ‘WOW’ Super Bowl 52 Commercial Starring Bill Hader

How is it possible someone did a ‘wow’ commercial for Super Bowl LII and didn’t get Owen Wilson to star in it?

‘Did Alexa Lose Her Voice’ — Amazon’s 2018 Super Bowl Commercial

Amazon had a huge 2017 and they’re piggybacking off that success by getting back into the Super Bowl ad game. This Alexa-focused commercial stars Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Danny Devito Stars In M&M’s ‘Human’ 2018 Super Bowl Commercial

Danny Devito should be the spokesman for any and every product on the market. He’ll be seen in M&M’s Super Bowl 52 ‘Human’ ad spot.

‘Bradshaw’s Locked Out’ In Tide’s 2018 Super Bowl 52 Commercial

I have to think that Tide is either really really excited about their Super Bowl 52 commercial or they’re dreading the fact that they’ve already paid for the publicity given how much people are still talking about Tide Pods right now. Either way, this is just a teaser for the full commercial which will debut later.

Cindy Crawford Recreates Iconic Pepsi 1992 Super Bowl Commercial

Cindy Crawford is back after 26 years to recreate her iconic Super Bowl commercial for Pepsi back in 1992, an ad which elevated her career to new heights.

Skittles Has FOUR Possible Super Bowl 52 Commercials




Skittles went above and beyond this year. They’ve released four commercials starring David Schwimmer. What hilarious is the full Skittles Super Bowl LII ad won’t actually air during the big game. Instead, they’ll be streaming some dude in California reacting to watching the full ad and you can see his reaction on Facebook.

Keanu Reeves To Star in Squarespace Ad For Super Bowl 52

Keanu Reeves can do no wrong. In this year’s Squarespace ad, Keanu will be getting extremely emotional about making his own motorcycle website.

Peter Dinklage And Morgan Freeman In Joint Super Bowl Ad For Doritos Blaze and Mountain Dew Ice

Doritos Blaze and Mountain Dew Ice are combining forces this year. The two Pepsi Co properties have a joint Super Bowl LII commercial starring Peter Dinklage from Game of Thrones and Morgan Freeman.

Groupon’s ‘Who Wouldn’t’ Super Bowl 52 Ad Starring Tiffany Haddish

Tiffany Haddish from Girls Trip and Keanu will star in Groupon’s 2018 Super Bowl commercial.

Hyundai Will Surprise Millions With ‘Hyundai Hope On Wheels’ Spot

We won’t see the full Hyundai Super Bowl commercial until Super Bowl LII. They’ve released this teaser above and have hinted that it’ll focus on their charity efforts.

Kraft ‘Calling All Families’ Super Bowl 52 Spot

Kraft’s Super Bowl 52 commercial won’t actually be made until Super Bowl Sunday. It will be comprised of family-focused user-generated content shared on social media during the game.

Avocados From Mexico Super Bowl 52 Ad Starring Chris Elliott

Comedian Chris Elliott (Cabin Boy and How I Met Your Mother) will star in the 2018 Avocados From Mexico Super Bowl 52 ad.

Stella Artois, Matt Damon, and Team Up For Super Bowl 52 Commercial

Matt Damon teaming up with Stella Artois and for a Super Bowl 52 commercial isn’t something I saw coming but I’m stoked to see the finished version.

PETA’s ‘Redemption’ Super Bowl Spot

This PETA Super Bowl spot won’t be seen during the big game but they still filmed it for the Super Bowl. I’m not a big fan but I’ll let you judge for yourself.

Did we miss any of the best Super Bowl Commercials of 2018? Let me know by sending them to me on Twitter HERE at @casspa!

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