Gamers And NFL Fans React To Patrick Mahomes Becoming A Playable Character In ‘Fortnite’

Gamers And NFL Fans React To Patrick Mahomes Becoming A Playable Character In Fortnite

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LeBron James, Naomi Osaka, Neymar, Harry Kane, Marco Reus, Chloe Kim, and now… Patrick Mahomes will be a playable character in Fortnite.

Mahomes was revealed as the latest entry in the Fortnite Icon Series on Monday.

The NFL and Super Bowl MVP also brings several new looks to the game, including a Mahomes Gladiator Mindset Style, a Gameday Gladiator Style, and a Mahomes Saucy Style Outfit featuring lots and lot of ketchup.

On August 23, Fortnite players will have the opportunity to earn special Patrick Mahomes gear, including a Secret Sauce Emoticon, by participating in the Patrick Mahomes Cup. Mahomes, his outfits and accessories will be available to everyone else in the Fortnite Item Shop starting on Wednesday.

The Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback’s Fortnite accessories include Gridiron Gladiator Back Bling, Good Stuff Back Bling (AKA a bottle of ketchup), Snap Axes Pickaxe (glows red when swung), Endzone Elite Wrap and a Showtime Emote.

Quarterback, record-breaker, and NFL and Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes makes his next play in the Fortnite Icon Series. And since recovery is as important as putting in the work, his alter-ego Mahomes Saucy Style is also dropping in!

Both of these Outfits — as well as Patrick Mahomes accessories — will be available in the Fortnite Item Shop starting Wednesday, August 24, at 8 PM ET. But here’s the blitz: on August 23, players have the opportunity to earn the Patrick Mahomes Outfit early with the Patrick Mahomes Cup! Find out more information about this tournament, including the special Emoticon reward.

Many Fortnite fans expressed excitement at the prospect of being Patrick Mahomes in the game

But not everyone…

“Who is that guy?” one person asked on Twitter. “No, really instead of putting on a skin for Messi or Cristiano, who are the most popular football players in the world, you make us this guy there? I’m not disrespecting this guy, but I’m just saying that preferably you should have put something else.”

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