Florida Gators Coach Dan Mullen Posted A Picture Of Some Custom Jordans And Got Roasted Alive On Twitter

Dan Mullen

Getty Image / Rob Foldy

Dan Mullen is entering his first year as the University of Florida football head coach and he says one of his main goals is to make the program fun again for both players and fans. In a recent ESPN interview, Mullen had this to say “Everything around the program needs to get back to being fun.”

Mullen was primarily talking about scoring points and picking up more wins, but on the off chance that he was also talking about it being fun to watch a head coach get roasted alive on Twitter then he’s already succeeded in bringing more fun to The Swamp. Yesterday, Dan Mullen posted a picture of some new/custom Florida Gators Jordans with denim on the side.

As I’m sure you know, Gators fans are notorious for wearing jeans shorts of every variety so the choice to include denim in these shoes was certainly questionable. After Dan Mullen posted the picture of his new Jordans to Twitter people started swooping in with the hot takes immediately. I’ll be honest, even as an FSU grad/alum I don’t actually hate the look of these. Those colors don’t make me sick like the sight of Miami’s colors do. I’m just here to see the new coach get roasted:

The guy hasn’t even coached his first game as Head Coach in The Swamp and already he’s taking L’s. I can’t wait for college football season. Only 38 days left until kickoff.