Watch Geoffrey Esper Eat 250 Wings In 10 Minutes To Be Crowned 2017 Hooters World Wing Eating Champion

Geoffrey Esper 2017 Hooters World Wing Eating Champion


Competitive eater Geoffrey Esper ate 250 wings in 10 minutes to be crowned the 2017 Hooters World Wing Eating Champion. In this year’s competition, Geoffrey Esper ate 113 MORE HOOTERS WINGS than he did in the 2016 competition. I’m absolutely flabbergasted by how someone can improve by 113 wings in a 10-minute span. If that doesn’t give every man hope for a future of competitive eating then I don’t know what will.

Taking a look at the math, Geoffrey Esper was eating 25 wings each minute on his way to becoming the 2017 Hooters Wing World Wing Eating Champion. That means that Geoff was eating an entire chicken wing every 2.4 seconds for the full 10 minutes. Every man alive probably thinks he can eat a ton of chicken wings under pressure, but one wing every 2.4 seconds is just insane.

Hooters streamed their 2017 wing eating competition on Facebook live and you can watch Geoffrey Esper eat all 250 wings in 10 minutes. Unfortunately, unlike Youtube, Facebook hasn’t given me the ability to embed a video and have it start at a specific time stamp. The entire wing eating competition video is 50 minutes long, but the portion of the video you are looking for starts just after the 29:30 mark so if I were you I’d skip ahead to that point:

On his way to being named the 2017 Hooters World Wing Eating Champion, Geoffrey Esper beat competitive eater and hot dog eating world record holder Joey Chestnut, who you can see in the video above.

The 2017 International Swimsuit Pageant is tomorrow, so this is definitely a big week for Hooters. I’m looking forward to seeing which lovely lady will take home this year’s crown and unseat Sable as the 2016 Miss Hooters Internationals Swimsuit Pageant winner.

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