German Announcers React To Seahawks’ Insane Play And It’s The Best Thing Ever

For all of us who watched the Seahawks-Vikings game yesterday—hopefully it wasn’t in the sub-zero temps at the stadium—we saw a boring, yet dramatic, matchup, with the Hawks scoring 10 points in the 4th quarter to come away with the victory.

Following one of the biggest plays of the day—when Seattle’s Russell Wilson chased down a bad snap, danced around and hit receiver Tyler Lockett for a huge gainer, which led to the only TD of the game—German announcers Florian Schmidt-Sommerfeld and Patrick Esume were on the call for those football fans in Deutschland; and they delivered some awesomely hilarious reactions.

After hearing these guys, I’m wondering if there’s a way to just get the German broadcast for NFL games for the rest of my life, because they beat Jim Nantz and Phil Simms for sure!

[SB Nation]

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