Giants Fan Taking Punches To The Face By A Cowboys Fan While Screaming ‘I Love It’ During ‘MNF’

Cowboys vs Giants Monday Night Football

Getty Image / Elsa

The New York Giants got beaten up at home on Monday Night Football by their division rival Dallas Cowboys. Dem Boyz moved to 5-3 (4-0 DIV) on the season and sit in first place of the NFC East ahead of the 5-4 Philadelphia Eagles (1-1 DIV).

It was a pretty competitive first half with the Cowboys and Giants tied 3-3 after the first quarter and Cowboys up 13-12 going into the half. Things stayed close through the third where both teams only managed to score a field goal but the Cowboys put their foot on the gas pedal in the 4th and put up three touchdowns to win the game 37-18.

In the stands, one New York fan seemed to embody the extreme misery of being a Giants fan this season (and last). He was taking punches to the face from a Cowboys fan in the stands all while screaming ‘I LOVE IT’ with someone in the background chirping about how the Cowboys suck.

The clip ends before we see security involved and it starts after we see the fight start. So it’s unclear who instigated what, and how they came to blows in the stands. It’s also unclear if any alcohol’s involved but it’s an NFL game soooooooooooo, yeah, I’ll let you fill in the blanks on that however you see fit.

I can’t say that I’ve ever seen a fan win a fight without throwing/landing a single punch but I really do think the Giants fan walked away the winner of this. At the very least, I imagine the NY fan was the one allowed to stay in his seats and those Cowboys fans probably got the boot but I have no evidence for that, it’s just me speculating.

The first Giants game I ever went to in New York was the final season at the old stadium and we sat in the very last row. It was Giants-Eagles. I saw three fights that night and every. single. time. it was a fight between a Giants/Eagles fan and some dude wearing a Cowboys jersey. Why were those guys wearing Cowboys jerseys when their team wasn’t even playing? Who knows, but I thought maybe those fights were a fluke.

Flash forward to my second Giants game. This time it was Giants-Buccaneers. Again, the only fight I saw in the stands (only one this time) involved a dude wearing Cowboys jerseys at the new Met Life Stadium.

It’s not like Giants fans are a bunch of Billy Badasses. As a Bucs fan, I never once felt like anyone was going to start shit with me. But there’s something about wearing a Cowboys jersey in the Meadowlands that really sets New York fans off, I guess.

(h/t The Big Lead)