The NY Giants Threw A Dance Party In Their Locker Room Yesterday As If They Didn’t Lose On Friday Night

Ok, before everyone jumps down my goddamn throat, I know that I’m judging the remainder of the season off of a single preseason game that Eli Manning didn’t even play in. However, let’s think big picture here. What if Eli gets hurt? What if Victor Cruz has another season where he is week-to-week but never actually gets better? What if Odell Beckham Jr. tears his ACL or breaks his dick inside of some groupie after a game? All of the sudden the team that was on the field on Friday is the starting lineup. That team that lost 27-10 to the Dolphins’ backup team. And they’re just dancing and having a grand ole’ time. Maybe I’ll look back at this post in February after they win the Super Bowl and laugh at how naive and incorrect I was. Otherwise, at least they’ll at least always have this memory of moshing in the locker room while I preemptively started having anger beers as a result of their quality of play.

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