Gilbert Arenas Makes Perfect Comparison And Says LaVar Ball Is Lil Penny

LaVar Ball loves to talk. And talk. And talk. And talk. So who better to talk about LaVar than Gilbert Arenas, who also has diarrhea of the mouth. TMZ caught up with Agent Zero to discuss the stories dominating the NBA right now. The interview was conducted in the parking lot of a 7-Eleven in Los Angeles because what fun is a hard-hitting sports interview if you can’t get a Cotton Candy/Lemonade/Watermelon Lime Slurpee right after it.

Arenas addressed the Kyrie Irving situation where the star point guard wants to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers. Gilbert understood that Kyrie wants to be a bigger star, but also said that Kyrie won’t win without another gigantic star. He also discussed Lonzo Ball (Despite the TMZ interviewer and Arenas calling him “Alonzo Ball) and shut down the comparisons of Lonzo to Magic Johnson and Jason Kidd.

Arenas was asked about LaVar and he said, “As for his father, I love it!” He commended LaVar for putting confidence in his kids and said you have to respect that kind of parent. “I’m all for it.” He then cleverly compared LaVar to Lil Penny to Lonzo as Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway.

“It’s like Penny Hardaway and Lil’ Penny as his talking voice. That’s who [LaVar] is,” said Arenas. “It’s Lonzo, and then LaVar is the Lil’ Penny doll. He’s the one who brings life into [Lonzo].”

LaVar, who is Lonzo’s biggest fan/biggest promoter, really does come off as Lil Penny who kind of mooches off of Big Penny, but is also in his corner at all times. You have to wonder if LaVar thinks he’s going to get with a Tyra Banks type through his son’s fame.