Gisele Bundchen And Tom Brady Sr. React To Tom Brady’s NFL Return

Gisele Bundchen

  • On Sunday afternoon Tom Brady announced his NFL return less than two months after retiring.
  • Tom Brady’s wife and father reacted to the big news.
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Tom Brady is officially back, and we’re beginning to get reactions from those closest to him.

On Sunday afternoon, Brady shook the NFL world when he revealed that he was returning to the NFL less than two months after he announced his retirement.

Brady’s wife, Gisele Bundchen, who has been the subject of plenty of jokes in the past 24 hours, shared her support for her hubbies decision on Instagram.

Tom Brady Sr. also came out and spoke to the media about his son’s return.

Via CBS Boston.

“Upon reflection and spending time with his family and stuff, he’s happy, and we in the family are happy. We’ll be more than happy, we’re all elated, and it’s going to be a wonderful, one more year. He’s said all along ‘I’m going to play until 45,’ but I’m not sure that it’s so much the 45 as he just loves playing football,” Tom Brady Sr. told WBZ-TV’s Steve Burton.

The 7-time Super Bowl champion is 44 years old. He finished second in the MVP voting last season.

“He had a heck of a good year this last year and you know once you give it up you don’t come back, there’s no semi-retirement in football so he can’t coast into retirement and I just don’t think that he was ready. He thinks he can do the job,” Brady, Sr. said.