Florida Man Shoots Another, Then Beats Him With A Golf Club For Walking His Dog On The Golf Course

Florida Man Shoots Man For Walking Dog On Delray Beach Golf Course


  • A 74-year-old Florida man shot another man in the ankle for walking his dog on a golf course in Delray Beach.
  • The shooter proceeded to beat the other man with a golf club after shooting him.
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Nothing that happens in the state of Florida should come as a surprise these days. We could wake up one day and the entire state could break off of the continental U.S. and float around the Atlantic Ocean and people would just chalk it up to Florida simply being Florida.

The latest wild story that could only happen in the Sunshine State involves a 74-year-old man, a gun, some golf clubs, a 64-year-old man, and his dog.

Herbert Merritt, the 64-year-old, decided to take a Sunday evening stroll with his dog around Kings Point Golf Course in Delray Beach. Robert Levine, 74, didn’t like what he saw so he decided to grab his semi-automatic handgun, jump in his golf cart, and go shoot Merritt.

Levine was arrested for attempted first-degree murder for shooting Merritt in the ankle. After one of his bullets caught Merritt’s ankle, Levine elected to go back to his golf cart, grab a club, and start beating him with it.

Merritt shared his side of the absolutely insane story with WPBF News.

“Merritt told deputies he was walking his dog on the grass next to the golf course when Levine rode up in his golf cart and “Levine… began causing a verbal altercation with him due to having his dog on the golf course… He then began shooting at him while Merritt was running away.”

“Levine chased Merritt around a tree while continuing to shoot – Merritt said he shot about five rounds at him, according to the report and witnesses.”

In summary, we have a story about an unhinged senior citizen attempting to allegedly murder another man for walking his dog near the golf course.

Florida is something else.