3 Golf Exercises You Should Do To Start Mashing The Golf Ball

How much golf did you get in this summer bros? If you’re like me, the answer is not enough. I could’ve played 50 rounds this summer, and I’d be pissed I didn’t hit 60.

Because of my obsession with golf I never really stop reading about it, watching it, or creeping through Paige Spiranac’s Instagram account.

I also try to incorporate some lifting that I think will transfer well to the course. For as much as I love pulling heavy deadlifts, squatting, and other traditional moves I care about being mobile enough to actually swing the club.

So that’s what we’re going to focus on today, bros. Three exercises that you can start implementing this winter that will pay big dividends when you hit the links again in Spring.

These three exercises help develop strength, power, and help keep you mobile. You’ll be training to have a strong core, transfer power throughout the swing, and mash the fuck out of the golf ball.

Without further bloviating on my end, here are 3 golf exercises that will help you hit the golf ball farther.

The deadlift.

In my humble deadlift loving opinion, there is no exercise that has more carry over to the golf course than the deadlift. I don’t care that it doesn’t have a rotational component to it. It has a strong anti flexion and anti extension element, which are both important when it comes to performance on the course.

The big reason the deadlift kicks so much ass is because it trains the entire body; but specifically the back, hamstrings, and butt. These 3 muscles are paramount to a golfers ability to transfer as much power as possible to the golf ball.

Pulling heavy ass deadlifts trains these muscles to fire as hard as possible, which pays off when you’re trying to carry that creek that crosses the fairway about 270 yards out.

The Pallof Press.

A big portion of the golf swing requires rotation, a lot of rotation. Most people assume the best way to get better at this is by practicing more rotation. Up to a certain point this is correct, but if you’re looking to increase distance off the tee you need to step it up a notch.

Insert: The Pallof Press.

The function of the core is actually work as an anti extension, anti flexion, and anti rotational group of muscles. They don’t want you to bend forward, backward, or side-to-side all the time. Training them in this manner increases overall core strength, and helps train your ability to transfer more power when actually rotating.

The Pallof Press is deceptively hard. Most people see it and think it’s no big deal, up until you give it a try. If you get really good at it this winter, take it up a notch and do the exercise in a half-kneeling position.

Pallof Press demo:

The half-kneeling cable chop.

I recently started a new program from Eric Cressey, who is by far and away one of the smartest bros out there when it comes to strength and conditioning. Cressey is known as a baseball trainer, but throughout his program I’ve found plenty of lifts that I believe transfer greatly to the golf course.

The half-kneeling cable chop is 100% one of those. I love that it trains the ability to rotate well throughout the upper back. Additionally anything you do in the half-kneeling position is bound to create more core activation.

All of this makes the half-kneeling cable chop an outstanding move to incorporate into any program that is focused on developing your golf game.

Take careful attention to check out this demo video below, and start incorporating this one a couple of times a week. Your length off the tee will improve because of it.

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