You Could Swing A Club 10,000 Times And Still Never Pull Off This Trick Shot: Golfer Opens Champagne Bottle

I don’t care if you’re a great golfer, you could still spend all day out in the yard trying to pull off this trick shot and you would only end up shattering the glass bottle and/or giving that chick a concussion by skulling a golfball into the back of her head. You’re not Josh Kelley, he’s the one with the crazy trick shot skills, you’re just a weekend golfer who hacks it up the fairway.

Josh Kelley runs holein1trickshots on Instagram, an account dedicated to ridiculous golf trick shots, and I don’t think I’m embellishing when I say that this is his greatest trick shot to date. I’ve probably watched this 50 times now while posting this video for you bros, and even in the GIF format I cannot fathom how he was able to pull this one off:

Hence forth, any of you bros who like to open champagne bottles with a sword and/or knife, you need to quit that bullshit and start practicing the chip shot champagne bottle open. Because this is the new hotness, and the only party trick worth busting out this Summer.

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