How Golfers At Every Level Are Using CBD To Step Up Their Game

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CBD has become extremely popular over the past few years and has begun to really make a presence for itself in the sports world. With so many different benefits from certain products along with hundreds of brands, it can be difficult to even know where to begin when it comes to choosing a product to try.

Golf is one sport where we’ve seen the use of CBD really gain popularity. CBD was removed from the World Anti-doping Agency prohibited list in 2018 making it legal on the PGA Tour. Since then, players like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson have endorsed the use of CBD products.

If Mickelson and Woods, who has battled serious injuries throughout his career, are endorsing CBD, you know there’s some sort of positive relationship when it comes to itself and the game of golf, specifically from a recovery standpoint.

PGA Tour players are the elite of the elite, however. What about the weekend warrior? What about a player looking to take things to the next level, but seems to always run out of steam down the stretch? Or, maybe you’re getting set to go on a guy’s golf trip where you’re going to play four days in a row and you’re already dreading the soreness to come with it instead of the actual golf set to be played.

I put those scenarios to a very literal test with HOLISTIK Wellness CBD, specifically with both their CBD STIKS.

Each STIK contains a proprietary blend of 10mg broad-spectrum CBD along with natural flavors, like ginger and turmeric in the recover STIK and lemon balm in the stress STIK. While the flavors are great, it’s the actual design of the STIK that takes things to the next level. You can either pop the top and pour it into any drink or peel the other side to stir it into a drink.

Korn Ferry Tour player Chip McDaniel, who is sponsored by HOLISTIK, appreciates the ease of the STIK as well.

“I’ve seen CBD more and more out on the golf course.  HOLISTIK reached out to me while we were training for the season to start back up to try their product as they were looking to align with an emerging professional golfer, just like their brand is in the CBD space,” McDaniel said.

“After hearing their backstory, Two things caught my attention – the ease of use as you can pop and pour their STIKs into my water bottle on the course as well as how the product’s made.  It’s super clean – grown indoors in crushed coconut vs soil, so their hemp isn’t influenced or potentially corrupted by outside air or chemically induced soil.”

Okay, now onto the golf and my experience using the products.

After not being able to play golf for a few months while living in New York City, I finally had the opportunity to play three days in a row so it was a perfect opportunity to try out the STIKS.

Despite the fact that the golf I was playing was supposed to be relaxed, you’re still always going to find yourself having a handful of nerve-wracking shots. Whether it be a narrow tee shot or tight-lie chip, the nerves can get ramped up, especially if it’s your first round in a couple of months, but I honestly didn’t notice any of that after using a STIK 15 minutes before our tee time.

It didn’t make me groggy by any means or scatterbrained, it actually had the opposite effect. The focus was there, but without the nerves, which is what every golfer at every golfer wants.

After any round of golf, thanks to my stellar genes and breaking both of my wrists back in the day, sore hands and sore joints are always a post-round misfortune. I have to admit that I was skeptical about the recover product, I didn’t think it was actually going to have any effect on more sore hands and wrists following the round. And, if it did actually help with the soreness, there’s no way it would do so after 54 holes in three days.

After three days, though, the only soreness I had was the new calluses on my hands. I consumed one recover STIK each day after the 16th hole and to my surprise, all was normal, there wasn’t any soreness or pain, not even in my legs or feet, after 54 holes. That hasn’t been the case sans HOLISTIK since my high school days.

This stuff works, take it from me, and a professional golfer like Chip McDaniel.

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