Great White Shark Steals Fish Right Next To The Boat—Viciously Saws Fish In Half Like A Boss

by 4 years ago

This video comes to us by way of New Zealand (where it’s still Summer) and it shows a group of fishermen reeling in a trophy catch somewhere offshore when a juvenile great white shark pops up and bites their fish in half right at the boat.

The video above of the great white shark eating the fish boat-side in spectacular first hit the Internet when shared by Captain Bucko’s Fishing charters back on March 9th, a New Zealand based fishing charter, and it has since gone on to get picked up all across the web. I first came across this video yesterday somewhere and didn’t really think it was news, as sharks steal/eat fish next to boats every day all across the world, but then GrindTV reported that the sharks was a great white and suddenly it became ‘news’ to the entire world.

It is a pretty exciting theft on the shark’s part, but I’m also not entirely convinced that it’s a great white shark (even if they’re prevalent in New Zealand waters). Let’s watch it once more in GIF, shall we?

Looks like a Tiger Shark to me, but they’re known to stick to warmer waters so I doubt they’d be found in the cold waters of New Zealand.

[GrindTV via Captain Bucko’s Fishing Charters]

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