Disgraced NFL Player Greg Hardy Said He’s Working At Walmart Before Claiming He Was Trolling

Former NFL player Greg Hardy

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There are a number of NFL players who’ve been charged with domestic abuse thanks to an ample amount of evidence but were eventually welcomed back into the league with open arms by teams who were willing to look past the allegations.

That was the case with Greg Hardy, who spent six years in the NFL as a member of the Panthers and the Cowboys.

In 2015, Dallas signed him to a one-year deal in spite of the four-game suspension he received after the league conducted an investigation into an incident where he was accused of strangling and threatening to kill his girlfriend (he was initially convicted on multiple counts the previous year before the case was dropped upon appeal after the accuser didn’t appear to testify in court).

Hardy pivoted to MMA in 2016 shortly after he was arrested in Dallas for the possession of cocaine, and after a series of dominant amateur performances, he was invited to compete in UFC’s Contender Series despite backlash from the many critics Dana White dismissed while awkwardly defending the decision to sign him.

You could argue the biggest reason Hardy was a draw was that a lot of people would’ve loved to see an alleged woman beater get his comeuppance in the Octagon—which is exactly what transpired when he got obliterated by Sergey Spivak at UFC 272 in 2022.

Hardy was subsequently released before signing a contract with the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship only to get knocked out in the second round of his debut earlier this year.

It’s unclear what the future holds for the disgraced NFL player-turned-MMA fighter, but it appeared the present involved him working a job selling Spectrum contracts at a Walmart in Garland, Texas based on a video he posted on Friday.

Hardy invited his haters to “heckle” him in the clip if they felt so inclined, and plenty of people who felt the video was proof karma exists were more than happy to oblige.

However, he posted a follow-up video where he asserted he was joking while saying “Obviously I don’t work at Walmart” (while there’s nothing wrong with having that job, it would’ve been quite the fall from grace if we’re assuming Hardy isn’t using the “Actually, I’m A sales rep based at Walmart” loophole).

He also promised he’ll be making his return to the ring at some point in the immediate future, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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