Greg Hardy Beats Opponents Head Like A Drum In Wild 53 Second Knockout To Remain Undefeated

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Greg Hardy is a scary human being–massive size, unparalleled strength, precise coordination, plus a little ‘holy shit this guy’s crazy’ factor makes him one of the most physically capable UFC newcomers alive.

The disgraced former NFL star had his career derailed due to his involvement in a disturbing domestic violence incident with his then girlfriend in 2014, but has now been marketed by the UFC as a “redemption story,” with UFC president Dana White categorizing Hardy as a man who “turned his life around.” Mind you, Dana White was the same guy who once said, “There’s one thing that you never bounce back from, and that’s putting your hands on a woman,” MMA Mania reports.

On Saturday night, the 6’5”, 265 pounder knocked out Rasheem Jones (0-2) in 53 seconds at an XFN 352 event in Tulsa, Oklahoma. With the win, Hardy remains undefeated, 3-0 as a pro with a 3-0 amateur career, with all six fights ending in a first round TKO. Pure domination.

Here is a longer view of Hardy beating on his opponent’s head like a kick drum. He looks like a man possessed.

Hardy is currently playing out a unique developmental contract where the UFC is paying him to fight in the minors until the UFC deems him ready to throw him in with the world’s best. Hardy has sliced through his last six opponents like warm butter and looks like a man fighting for a standard UFC contract. It may be about time he gets one.

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