Gregg Williams Allegedly Wanted His Players to Injure Opposing Coaches

The New Orleands Times-Picayune obtained Joe Vitt’s testimony in the Saints Bounty Gate scandal. It contained this eye-brow-raising nugget.

Among the most incendiary details that have not been previously reported was Vitt's allegation that former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams once promised rewards to players if they would knock down or take out the knees of assistant coaches from other teams on the sideline when a tackle carried over off the field.

Vitt, however, stressed that he made sure the players knew such practices were unacceptable.

It’s wonderful that the players needed to be reminded intentionally ruining the ACLs of the opposing coaching staff was frowned upon.

It gives us all a lot of hope for the future.

[H/T: Times-Picayune]