Latest Grizzlies News Suggests Ja Morant Ignored Teammate’s Advice In Moments Leading Up To Club Incident

Grizzlies stars Steven Adams and Ja Morant

Getty Image / Tim Nwachukwu

The Memphis Grizzlies are a bit of a mess right now after all of the commotion Ja Morant caused.

Now, recent news reveals the star point guard ignored a teammate’s advice about “off-court road discipline” before the club incident.

According to Shams Charania, “the Grizzlies held a players-only meeting to discuss off-the-court road discipline with Steven Adams leading the charge.”

For transparency, it’s not clear exactly when the meeting took place. This may have been a meeting that happened about a month ago, or it could have happened after the game against the Denver Nuggets right before the club incident.

Even so, Ja Morant basically sat in a player-only meeting focused on the exact issue he’s having, ignored it, then hit the club, which eventually led to his suspension.

That’s an incredibly bad look for the Grizzlies’ star point guard. Had he listened to Steven Adams’ advice, then maybe we never would have seen the Instagram video come to light.

Instead, Morant is suspended indefinitely while Memphis continues fighting for a playoff spot without their superstar player.

Hopefully, Ja Morant can shape up and get back on track. He’s a phenomenal player and incredibly entertaining on the court. I’m hoping for the best for him, as are most people in general.

Keep an eye on the Grizzlies though, as the organization continues to monitor Morant.