Skip Bayless Is Asking If Ja Morant Is Affiliated With A Gang Amid Recent Controversy

Ja Morant celebrates a play.

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Ja Morant has found himself in controversy this season due to a number of off-court incidents. The majority of those altercations involve some sort of gun threat, which recently landed the star player a two-game suspension.

Now, sports show host Skip Bayless is questioning if he’s been gang affiliated this entire time.

Morant’s troubles began over the offseason after he was involved in a pair of concerning situations. One states that the guard threatened a mall security officer while the other says he repeatedly punched a 17-year-old kid during a pickup basketball game.

Things got worse in January after he and his entourage were linked to a postgame altercation with the Pacers. Reports claim that he was part of a group that got into a shouting match with players and staff in the loading dock. That situation ended when a car driving away from the scene pointed a laser (said to have been from a gun) in the direction of the Indiana bus.

Everything came to a head last week after Morant posted a video of himself holding a gun.

A suspension quickly followed as he’ll miss at least two Grizzlies games. The activity has many around the NBA talking.

One of those personalities is sports show host Skip Bayless, who was heard hinting at Ja’s possible gang affiliation on a recent episode of Undisputed.

“I’ve called around the league to people I’ve known forever talking about Ja because I was so shocked by the IG live and how brazen it was. I had several people say to me, ‘Timeout. Are you sure you guys on TV aren’t giving him a pass here?’

“They’re asking me, ‘Are you sure he’s not that? Like, that’s just who he is. He is about that life.’ And remember, he’s thrown up the crip sign. I’ve seen him throw it up two or three times. I’ve probably missed some others.

“What does that mean? Does that mean he wants to associate with the crips? Or he got initiated by the crips? Or he has a dream of being a crip? I don’t know.”

The comments caused quite the reaction online.

One fan commented, “This is so out of control.”

Another said, “Speculating he’s in a gang is reckless,” after hearing Skip Bayless’s comments about Ja.

Morant has responded to the recent controversies, saying that he plans to get help while he’s away from the team.

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