Gronk Clears Concussion Protocol, Proves It By Requesting 69 Super Bowl Tickets For His Friends

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Rob Gronkowski has been officially cleared to play in Super Bowl LII after passing concussion protocol (as if there was any doubt that he would since the whole procedure is a laughingstock). So, since he will be active and participating he needed to score some tickets for his friends and family. 69 of them to be exact.

That’s right. The same guy who wished The Rock’s mom a happy 69th birthday, made a 69 joke on live TV at last year’s Daytona 500, and once missed a free throw in high school to keep the score at 69, asked for 69 Super Bowl tickets.

Reports Gronk Nation

Gronk has 69 reasons to be hyped for Super Bowl LII, and that’s just the number of family and friends who are flying to Minneapolis to see him play on Sunday.

Gronk is 28-years-old.

Number 87 was finally cleared to play in Super Bowl LII after passing the mandatory concussion protocol, and he was the hottest commodity at the Patriots press conference from Mall of America on Thursday.

Hundreds of reporters crowded around his podium to talk to the big fella for the first time this Super Bowl, even skipping Brady and Belichick, who have been allowed to talk to the media all week.

… Rob fielded countless questions from the media about how he was feeling, what he was most excited about, how Minneapolis was so far (“I’ve only been to the Mall and played Xbox”), if had he been to the food court yet (“No, but I am looking forward to Benihana after the game”), hell — he even answered a few questions in Spanish for his millions of Mexican fans!

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