The Rock Leaves Touching Instagram Message On His Mom’s 69th Birthday, Gronk Chimes In In The Comments

by 1 year ago

Busted College

Gronk must have a Google alert set for ’69.’ That’s the only reasonable conclusion we can draw from his ubiquitous ownership over the number slash sex act. If you’re writing ’69’ on the world wide web, there’s a 69% chance Gronk and his meatstick brothers are hovering around their childhood computer (riddled with viruses) cackling while their mom makes them a bag of pizza rolls and serves them on a plate carefully placed to say ’69.’

Gronk has brought 69 jokes full circle. Before he started championing them incessantly, they took their place next to the tired, dusty “WaZzZzZaa” jokes from the Budweiser commercials, but the mere fact that Gronk can’t let a the number 69 go unchecked has made them hilarious again. And as long as Gronk gets a kick out of them, they will never grow stale. Like loud farts.

P.S. Happy 69th birthday to The Rock’s mother. That minx.

[h/t Busted College]

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