Groupie Mocks Allen Iverson For Packing A ‘Bite-Sized’ Penis

It’s not the best time to be a celebrity athlete in this new digital age. Groupies nowadays are quick to jump on social media to blow up the spot.

Check out how this one groupie took Allen Iverson to task for his “bite sized” penis.

Dear TSR,

I have some “small” tea I need to share with you and when I say small I’m talking about Allen Iverson’s friend below the belt! Petty I know LOL!! But anyways he came home to VA this past weekend and I saw him at a birthday bash at Club Rays in Newport News. Welp the party got a little wild and I caught Allen ALLLLLL the way slipping !! He had way too many drinks and decided to take the party back to his room. I guess he thought he was going to get some azz…. He Thought!! When I took one look at that noodle and saw that it was bite size, I said Oh Hell No! His money ain’t the only thing hoping it could reach longevity smh! All I know is this motherf*cker is going to learn today!

You would think an elder statesman like Iverson would be more careful about the people he surrounds himself with but NOPE here we are.

H/T TheShadeRoom / BSO

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