Guardians Fan Goes Viral For Casually Devouring Giant Tub Of Mustard During A Game

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There are typically plenty of options to choose from if you’re looking to whet your appetite while attending a sporting event in person, so seeing someone chow down on something while watching a game in the stands isn’t exactly a novel sight.

With that said, there have been plenty of fans who’ve found themselves thrust into the spotlight thanks to some unconventional culinary choices they’ve made.

That includes a woman who was spotted dipping a chicken finger into a cup of soda at the U.S. Open, a Chiefs fan who smuggled a baked potato into Arrowhead Stadium, and multiple people who’ve decided to go to town on a jar of mayonnaise while revolting the rest of the world in the process.

Now, that group has been joined by a proud new member of an incredibly unconventional club courtesy of what transpired during a recent Guardians game.

Most people outside of Cleveland are likely unaware of the mystique surrounding what is officially known as “Bertman Original Ballpark Mustard,” a beloved brown version of the condiment that’s been produced in the city the Guardians call home for close to a century.

That’s just one of a few options you can top hot dogs, soft pretzels, and other items with if you hit up a concession stand during a game at Progressive Field.

However, one guy apparently opted to skip the whole “food” part of the consumption process in favor of the giant tub he somehow managed to procure before casually consuming it with a wooden spoon while sitting behind home plate while watching the Guardians host the Red Sox on Tuesday.

If you’re like me, you probably have plenty of questions you’re never going to get an answer to, so even though it may be a bit gag-inducing for some people, it’s hard to knock him for doing something he clearly enjoyed.

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