Hawks’ Kent Bazemore Fell Asleep During Last Night’s Game Because His Team Was Getting Absolutely Pummeled


Last night’s Game 2 of the playoff series between the Cleveland Cavs and Atlanta Hawks was a good ol’ fashioned ass kicking, as Cleveland buried 18 first half threes to grab a 74-38 halftime lead, ultimately finishing with an NBA playoff record 25 treys and a 25-point victory.

While the Cavs bench was seen jumping up and down after each made bucket, the Hawks bench had just a little less energy, which the team’s forward, Kent Bazemore, showed by falling asleep while his team got its as whooped.

The video of Bazemore was captured with under a minute left in the third quarter, so, hopefully, the dude got some killer Zzz’s and will be wide awake for Game 3 Friday night—because his entire team looked like they were napping through Game 2.

[H/T FOX Sports]