Heat’s Tyler Herro Goes Viral After Announcers Roast His Wardrobe

Heat G Tyler Herro

Getty Image / Elsa

The Boston Celtics stay alive after securing a Game 4 win against the Miami Heat. However, Tyler Herro seems to have caught more attention than anyone else.

He’s currently sidelined with an injury and has been watching games with the team. Miami could use his three-point shooting, but he’s not quite ready just yet.

With that said, Stan Van Gundy wants Herro back in the lineup, but it has nothing to do with basketball.

Instead, he’s tired of seeing Herro’s fashion sense on display on the sidelines.

The Heat guard was simply minding his own business, watching his team try to close out the series against the Celtics. But that’s when he unknowingly got roasted by the Van Gundy.

It’s hard to disagree with Van Gundy on this one. Couldn’t Tyler Herro at least wear Heat colors?

I don’t mean to pour on, but jeez. The bucket hat just isn’t working for him and those pants need to be thrown in the garbage can.

But hey, when you’re Tyler Herro and are being paid $30 million per year by the Heat, you probably don’t care what anyone has to say about your sense of fashion.

At the same time, maybe Herro should consider hiring a stylist with some of that money.

Also, another point to think about is that Herro likely paid a lot of money for those clothes. Yikes!

I agree with this take.

NBA players tend to dress a little bit differently from everyone else. Especially on game day.

But hopefully, Tyler Herro returns to action soon, as the Heat could use his shooting from the perimeter. Not seeing him in that wardrobe would be a nice perk as well.