Ex-Raiders WR Henry Ruggs Receives Tentative Prison Sentence Stemming From Deadly DUI Crash

Former Raiders wide receiver Henry Ruggs

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It goes without saying that drinking and driving is one of the most avoidable crimes you can commit, and it’s hard to have much sympathy for anyone who hops behind the wheel while intoxicated based on how that decision can impact not only themselves but the innocent people who they put in harm’s way.

That’s especially true in a day and age when there is no shortage of options you can turn to if you need to arrange an alternative form of transportation after throwing back a few adult beverages.

Sure, you might have to shell out a bit more money than you’d prefer, but it’s worth it compared to the life-altering consequences you can face by opting for the alternative.

Most NFL players should have no problem being able to afford an Uber or a taxi but former Raiders wide receiver Henry Ruggs still opted to hop into his Corvette prior to the crash that claimed the life of the driver he collided with in Las Vegas in 2021.

Ruggs was reportedly traveling at around 150 MPH at the time of the deadly collision and initially faced up to 46 years in prison for the various crimes he was charged with after being arrested for being under the influence of alcohol when it occurred.

The disgraced wideout all but admitted he couldn’t defend his actions when he brokered a plea deal with prosecutors in Nevada earlier this month.

Now, the tragic saga is nearing an end, as TMZ reports he will serve between three and 10 years in prison after being found responsible for DUI resulting in death (a felony) and vehicular manslaughter (a misdemeanor) following a hearing on Wednesday (the judge presiding over the case will determine the exact length of the sentence at another hearing on August 9th).

Here’s to hoping the victim’s family will be able to get some closure when the case officially runs its course.

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