Here Are Our 2015 Week 14 NFL Picks Against the Spread 



Admittedly, I didn’t watch last night’s game between Arizona and Minnesota. I was tied up with a holiday party, so I was only able to follow on my phone. I’m still trying to figure out how Teddy Bridgewater threw for 335 passing yards. I knew the Cardinals defense was susceptible to being beaten in the air, but I didn’t expect Bridgewater to come within an idiotic play of being in overtime against Arizona. Their offense also left some points on the table, so the Cardinals will have to look better if they’re going to make it to the Super Bowl. Let’s check out the rest of the games this week.

Locks of the Week: ‎

Pittsburgh +3 over CINCINNATI

There are always a couple of fun AFC North games each year and Sunday marks another one on the list. Cincinnati is currently sitting as the #1 seed in the conference, but would you really feel good about them if they hosted Pittsburgh in a playoff game? Cincinnati is also potentially missing Adam Jones from their secondary with Leon Hall just back from injury and that’s the last thing you want against Pittsburgh’s explosive offensive attack.

J Camm’s Pick: Pittsburgh

CAROLINA -7.5 over Atlanta

Now is the perfect time to lay some wood on Carolina. They got stretched by New Orleans in a shootout win last week, so that’s the first thing people remember. Carolinas defense should regress to the mean this week with a bounce back performance and what better of an opponent than Atlanta. I’ll beat the drum every week until it changes, but Atlanta’s offense just isn’t living up to its potential. It’s rated 19th according to Football Outsiders and will have trouble scoring against Carolina as Josh Norman shoots down Julio Jones.

J Camm’s Pick: Carolina

DENVER -7 over Oakland

It’ll be interesting to see what happens when Denver needs Brock Osweiler to come back from a double-digit deficit, but thankfully their defense doesn’t put the offense in such a bad situation. Look for Oakland to struggle to move the ball this week as Oakland’s receivers matching up against one of the best secondaries in the league. The Raiders only win in their last five was a game they would’ve lost to Tennessee with quality refereeing, so we’re a long ways away from when they were the AFC darling early in the season.

J Camm’s Pick: Denver

Trap Games of the Week:

Washington +3.5 over CHICAGO

It’s funny that the Bears have turned Jay Cutler into a game manager when he clearly doesn’t give two fucks about what’s happening in games. He’s not upset at all when the Cubs get stuffed at the goal line to lose the game or he throws an interception. I guess you can only hold back someone’s DGAF mentality so much. The Redskins haven’t won a road game this year, so why start this week? Four of Chicago’s five wins have been by four points or less, so they’re not blowing anyone out. Washington’s offense should allow them to hang around in this one.

J Camm’s Pick: Washington

Rest of the Picks:

Detroit -2 over ST. LOUIS

Raise your hand if you really want to sit through 3 hours of this game? (Looking around…still looking…see one die hard Lions fan raise his hand…nod…and move on.) The end can’t come fast enough for either of these teams. Rams fans (and Todd Gurley fantasy owners) on Twitter want Jeff Fisher canned as soon as humanly possible. Mediocrity has never had such a platform to display its beauty. Things in Detroit aren’t much better after last week’s Hail Mary loss to Green Bay as Lions fans wait for their coach to be replaced as well. So why Detroit this week? Have you seen St. Louis play offense recently? Their injury-riddled defense can’t carry the load anymore.

J Camm’s Pick: Detroit

TAMPA BAY -4.5 over New Orleans

I’m disappointed in myself for getting off the Buccaneers bandwagon for one week. I should have known better. I’m back now since the Saints have two major issues in this game. For starters they give up the most yards of any team in the league, making it extremely easy for the Buccaneers to score points. Then you add in the fact that New Orleans scoring average on the road is about 15 points lower than when the Saints are at home. Other than a few lap dances at Mons Venus, there won’t be much for the Saints to enjoy this weekend.

J Camm’s Pick: New Orleans

Indianapolis PK over JACKSONVILLE

No one’s doubting that Matt Hasselbeck is old, but the Colts sadly need him in the lineup instead of “check-down” Charlie Whitehurst. Jacksonville presents a nice opportunity for Hasselbeck to succeed given the Jaguars are ranked 31st in the league against the pass according to Football Outsiders. I still like what Indianapolis has done with Hasselbeck under center and will chalk up last week’s loss to Pittsburgh as the anomaly.

J Camm’s Pick: Indianapolis

KANSAS CITY -10.5 over San Diego

Are you doing anything this weekend? Do you want to play wide receiver for the Chargers? San Diego might as well have an open casting call considering injuries to Stevie Johnson and Dontrelle Inman have left the Chargers looking to the street for free agent finds. Find your inner Rod Tidwell and get yourself out on the field! San Diego’s second to last ranked defense according to Football Outsiders won’t be able to stop the Chiefs and the Chargers lack of receiving options will prevent them from keeping up.

J Camm’s Pick: Kansas City

CLEVELAND -1.5 over San Francisco

Like with Detroit and St. Louis, I dare you to sit through all three hours of this game. Honestly your guess for the winner is as good as mine.

J Camm’s Pick: Cleveland

Tennessee +7.5 over N.Y. JETS

The Titans are 2-3 since Marcus Mariota came back from injury. Two of their three losses were by six points or less. Only Carolina was able to blow out Tennessee. Mind you, we need to take the results with a grain of salt because the Panthers were the only team above .500 who Tennessee has faced in those five games. The Jets, however, don’t have the intimidating defensive unit we expected. They’ve given up at least 20 points in every game since Week 4. Tennessee should be able to stay within striking distance in this one.

J Camm’s Pick: Tennessee

Seattle -7.5 over BALTIMORE

Jimmy Claussen looks likely to start his second game of the season. The first time he started wasn’t for the Ravens, but for the Bears in a game against…these same Seattle Seahawks. Lucky for Claussen, eh? He gets Seattle in a game outside the state of Washington in this one, which is beneficial, but it doesn’t make up for his skill level or that of his weapons. Seattle is rolling at the right time and Baltimore won’t be able to stay close.

J Camm’s Pick: Seattle


Just when you think the Eagles are dead and buried, they show up and beat New England. But let’s consider how the win happened. Three touchdowns are scored by defense and special teams. That’s not something that happens every week. Buffalo just needs to attack Philadelphia’s 20th ranked rushing defense (according to Football Outsiders) in this revenge game for LeSean McCoy and they’ll be fine.

J Camm’s Pick: Buffalo

Dallas +7 over GREEN BAY

This pick has nothing to do with Dallas. It has everything to do with Green Bay and their inability to score in recent weeks. You’ve heard all you need to hear about the Packers offense so I won’t bore you with more information. It’s just hard to lay a touchdown with a team that you’re worried about scoring.

J Camm’s Pick: Green Bay

New England -3.5 over HOUSTON

Gronk is back at practice. Edelman is back at practice. Rumor is Troy Brown and David Patten have been preparing to practice as well. Will Gronk or Edelman play? I doubt Edelman does and I’m really not sure Gronk will either. Just acknowledge that the Patriots really beat Philadelphia 28-14 last week if you take out all the freak touchdowns. Philly’s D is rated one spot better than Houston according to Football Outsiders. New England will be fine unless they shoot themselves in the foot again.

J Camm’s Pick: New England

N.Y. Giants -1 over MIAMI

The game is being sold as a battle between two best friends, Odell Beckham Jr. And Jervis Landry. That makes sense because there’s nothing else to sell on the field because it would be embarrassing to sell the Giants playoff chances given how many games they give away. Is Tom Coughlin still alive? Is that joke as old as Coughlin himself? If anything you want to watch because the Giants could potentially blow this game in a way you haven’t seen them blow a game yet this year.

J Camm’s Pick: N.Y. Giants

This Week: 0-1

Last Week: 9-7

Season: 96-91-6

Locks: 24-16 (Never would’ve locked up Indy last week had I known two offensive linemen would be declared out a few hours before the game.)

JCamm: 94-93-6

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