Here’s How To Move The Rams To L.A. In Madden 16 (Unless You’re From St. Louis)

Madden 16 Rams to Los Angeles

A relocation feature was added to the Madden NFL video game series back in the 2013 version, with Los Angeles naturally being one of the destinations to chose from. So with the Rams headed for L.A. while St. Louis bids a fond farewell to renowned shithead, Stan Kroenke, here are the steps to move the Rams to la la land in Madden 16, thanks to Sporting News.

  • Start a new Franchise and select the Rams. Then go to “Change Role” and choose an owner. You can even choose someone other than Stan Kroenke, a massive bonus for reasons that require no explanation.
  • In Week 5, declare you unholy intentions to move to team to L.A., you soulless, unrelenting monster.
  • In Week 6, carry over the name of the Rams since the game allows you to use those sweet Eric Dickerson era throwbacks. If don’t do this, please reset your brain.
  • In Week 8, choose your stadium. [At this point, you realize you’re a gigantic nerd, right? OK. Just checking.] Right here is where it gets tricky in that serious, impactful decisions need to be made. The Memorial Coliseum is not one of the options to choose from, so you either go with “Basic Traditional Stadium” to stick with the true reality of where the L.A. Rams will actually play, or go balls out and snag one of the more modern looking versions. Remember, this is YOUR team, Video Game Bro.
  • Finish the season and KABOOM, in year two the Rams are officially in Los Angeles and you are officially up with the times. And officially bored as hell.

OR, just wait for Madden 17 to come out and let all those EA developers work their collective asses off to get a mountain of dev work done in time for the August release.

[H/T Sporting News]

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