Soccer Player Scores The Most Disrespectful Goal Ever And The Other Team Is NOT HAPPY About It

Concarneau’s Herman Koré checking in with 100% the most disrespectful soccer goal I’ve ever seen. Koré’s hands & knees header came after the opposing keeper for Châteaubriant, Grégory Douard, got caught up field during what was an obvious game-on-the-line corner kick scenario for his team.

You just can’t troll a goalkeeper any harder than this.

Toeing the line of sportsmanship ever so delicately. Savage.

Needless to say, Herman Koré’s goal was just the icing on top of the win for his club. Not sure the striker will ever get another shot easy as that one, and based on the Châteaubriant players’ reactions, he’d be paying the price if he ever tried something of the like again versus them.

[h/t Screamer]