Someone Is Trying To Sell Aaron Hernandez’s Jail I.D. Card For $6,000

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Just because Aaron Hernandez was recently sentenced to life in prison without parole after being found guilty on the charge of first degree murder doesn’t mean people won’t still be making money off of his name. Sure you won’t be able to place sporting bets since he obviously won’t be seeing a football field in person any time soon, but one “lucky” guy has somehow come into possession of Hernandez’s jail I.D. card, which he is now selling for $6,000.

The seller first tried to hock it on Ebay, then once his account was shut down he moved to Craigslist, and then once he was shut down there too he’s now trying to sell it on Facebook.

…the guy who currently has the I.D. says he happened to come across the item during his stint at Suffolk County Jail, where Hernandez arrived in July 2014.
He tried selling it on eBay, but the site killed the auction.

Then he moved it to Craigslist, which also shut him down. So, now he’s moved to Facebook … where he’s upped the asking price to $6,000.

His sales pitch — “Act fast who knows how long this may be posted up.”(Via)

Personally, I don’t think anyone is going to give a shit about Hernandez in about 3 months tops, so buying his I.D. card seems like a huge waste of money to me. Then again who knows? Maybe he’ll pull some stunt in prison like escape or shank an entire cell block and become a legend, making the I.D. card worth way more than $6,000.

But probably not.

[H/T TMZ and Uproxx]

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