105-Year-Old Man Runs The Fastest And Slowest 100M Dash You’ll Ever Witness

On one hand, Hidekichi Miyazaki is incredibly fast for a 105-year-old man. On the other, he’s incredibly slow when you consider that 100M dashes usually take about eight seconds start to finish.

But let’s give a hand to Miyazaki who broke his own record in the 100M with a blistering time of 42:22. Miyazaki is recognized by the Guinness people as the record holder but wait a minute — this old Polish bro says he’s the fastest centenarian in the world.

Apparently, there is one sprinter older than Miyazaki. Polish runner Stanislaw Kowalski, also 105, raced the 100m in June. Not only is he older than Miyazaki, he’s also faster. The Polish runner can run the 100m in 34:50.

There’s only one way to settle this and I think we all know what it is. First one to die, loses.

[via Running Magazine]