These High School Football Bros Perfectly Execute The ‘Hidden Ball’ Trick We All Tried At Middle School Recess

So much nostalgia. Brings me right back to lunch recess. I was a goddamn school yard Legend. Laser arm, unparalleled mobility, 360-degree vision in the pocket. A certified winner. The sixth grade chicks would legit stop playing with their Skip-It’s to witness it. It didn’t even matter if they didn’t know a football from a baseball, they knew they were witnessing a once-in-a-school year talent. Ask me how I got Christina Langley, A SEVENTH GRADER.

“Matt how did you get seventh grader and popular lunch table resident Christina Langley??? We’re all dying to know about your first love, stranger blogger.”

Glad you asked, Internet. I guess I’ll temporarily forget all the times you’ve called me a dick face bitch in the comment section.

Anyhow, Christina witnessed me go 13/14, 260 yds, 3 TDs (2 passing, 1 rushing) during a 15-minute recess. Performance for the ages. And her crush Danny Dwyer was dating someone else.

Lord only knows my ceiling if I just stayed healthy. Could have been a first rounder.

Dead serious.