This High School Football Ref With BLAZING Speed Could Probably Make The Cowboys’ Roster all have our own ways of tasting the sweet nectar that is our glory days. Sometimes, I’ll throw on my letterman jacket, crack open an ice cold Colt 45, and watch game tape from senior year when I ran for 48 yards on 17 carries as a senior on JV. Textbook hard-nose running. One time, I gathered all my (participation) trophies and had my mom snap a few shots for my Tinder profile. Oh, I’m kidding?

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 2.34.22 PM

Matt Keohan

“How much you wanna bet I can throw that football over them mountains?” The genius in the above Vine has found a way to simulate the experience of running for a touchdown with the crowd roaring with every stride by being a part of the game himself. No chance this dude was in a position to make a call because his focus was solely on banging Cheryl Johnson after the 1982 Homecoming Dance. Can I blame him? Fuck no. I envy the man. Cheryl doesn’t stand a chance.

That touchdown should count for 14 points.

[h/t Uproxx]

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