High School Kicker Drills 50-Yard Field Goal With Holder Using His Tongue

by 3 years ago
Austin Means high school field goal tongue


We’ve seen some impressive field goals made over the past few months, but down in New Orleans St. Paul high school kicker Austin Means just one-upped everyone.

Although I’m not sure it really isn’t his teammate Dylan Futrell, who used his tongue to hold the ball, that isn’t the real hero in this field goal attempt.

One has to assume this kick was done in response to a kick back in June by Arkansas State’s Luke Ferguson where his holder did the same, only from a much shorter distance.


Which in turn was a response to Wisconsin kicker Rafael Gaglianone having his holder use his nose to steady the ball.


Turns out it isn’t just kickers who are a little bit off, it’s their holders as well. Who knew?

H/T The Big Lead; The Sporting News

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