Brian Scalabrine Destroying High School Player In Game Of 1-On-1 Is A Good Time To Revisit His Hilarious 2013 Tweet About Being Disrespected

Streeter Lecka/BIG3/Getty Images

We live in a world where the man in the photo above has achieved the ultimate basketball goal over guys like Barkley, Iverson, Malone, Vince, take your spin of the wheel.

Brian Scalabrine, a 2008 NBA Champion, looks like he’s in middle management at Enterprise and is content with having the tools to be his own boss. That is why fans refuse to believe he’s hauled in $20 million playing basketball.

First team All-Pac 10 at USC was not enough. Four NBA Finals appearances wasn’t enough. 11 years in the league wasn’t enough. A dope ass headband wasn’t enough.

This is exactly why in 2013, one year after his retirement, the White Mamba put on the Scallenge, calling out listeners of a Boston radio station to send in tryout videos to take battle him in a one-on-one tournament.

He humiliated all participants by a combined score of 44-6.

This birthed a tweet that will soon be eligible for the Naismith Hall of Fame.


Just this week, a high school basketball player put a pair of sneakers on the line in a one-on-one game to 11 with the 43-year-old.

It did not end well for him.


When will the slander stop?

Nature is healing.