This Dude’s Body Transformation From Hiking The Appalachian Trail Is The Most Extreme We’ve Ever Seen

by 3 years ago

If you’re a bro who’s in need of shedding a few extra pounds you might look at this and think to yourself: I should hike the Appalachian Trail. The photo below shows the before and after photo of some dude who struck out onto the 2,200-mile trail that runs from Georgia on up to Maine.

Elevation changes along the Appalachian Trail run from 6,643-feet at the highest point in the trail (Clingmans Dome) on down to 124-feet at Bear Mountain State Park just outside of NYC in Westchester County. Somewhere between 10-15% of hikers claim who attempt to finish the Appalachian Trail ever report finishing the hike, and the dude below finished the hike after six months on the trail:

Today I learned that hiking the Appalachian Trail transforms you from a TV salesman at Best Buy into that ol’ hermit that lives underneath the bridge and tries to sell the locals magic beans.

If you’re at all interested in hiking the Appalachian Trail yourself one day then I suggest you check out this book:

A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail by Bill Bryson


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