Holy Crap! Johnny Manziel Allegedly Had a VERY SERIOUS Case of the Munchies

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Let’s check in on what Johnny Manziel was up to this weekend. According to Twitter, he was chillin’ in California (…because who the fuck wants to spend their weekends in Ohio?), rocking some ridiculous Nike sweatpants outfit. Chillin’ in that summer Cali breeze, Manziel reportedly had the ultimate case of the munchies on Friday night: According to one eye-witness, crushing Chipotle as an appetizer for a Wingstop combo meal.

That’s a shit ton of calories, bros. Eye-witness report, via Busted Coverage:


A man’s got to eat, right? I witnessed many a hungry stoner  Bro pull this same feat off back in my days at Penn State. But I’m not sure that’s the type of nutritional habits an NFL starting quarterback should be chasing. Total speculation: Did Manziel have the munchies?

Fanboys and fangirls freaked out over the incident:

manziel-sweat-pants-2 picture-198


[H/T: Busted Coverage]


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